Meet the Staff

The Family Here at TDHC 


Helen - Hygienist

Helen began her employment at TDHC as a part-time receptionist during her junior year of high school.  After graduating, she moved to Oahu to continue her education in the Allied Health field (particularly in occupational therapy).  She graduated from the University of Hawaii (UH) at Manoa with a Bachelors in Human Development.  Two years later, she enrolled in the School of Nursing at UH for a second degree in Dental Hygiene.  It’s been 20+ years now and she is married with three col-md-6lege-aged students and is the Dental Hygienist here at TDHC.  In her leisure, she loves to read, travel to exotic places in the East and dabble in home improvement projects.  Her favorite t.v. stations are the Food Network and HGTV.




Candace is a dental assistant at TDHC.  Dr. Ellsworth Takata, Jr. welcomed her to the dental team when he opened the practice in 1973.  She has worked with children for 30 years and is currently working with teenagers and adults.  Candace enjoys interacting with patients of all ages, sharing thoughts and hearing stories about everyday life.  Of her many responsibilities, we are very proud she is our office OSHA Hazard Communication coordinator.  During her 37+ years at TDHC, Candace has become familiar with various tasks and is crossed-trained in working multiple jobs in the office.  

She has two daughters and in September 2010 welcomed her adorable granddaughter into their close-knit family.  In her spare time, when not spent with her daughters and granddaughter, she loves crafting, reading, cooking and listening to music.




Stephanie joined the staff in 1977 after graduating from UH Hilo.  After more than 30 years at TDHC, she still thoroughly enjoys working in the business office.  She is married, has a son living in Seattle, and a daughter currently attending UH Hilo.  She spends her free time working out at Penn Training and Fitness Center, going to Zumba and keeping up with her many favorite t.v. programs.



Laura's dream is to travel the world, the Universe and maybe even other dimensions.




Javelin joined the TDHC family in 2013 as our Hygiene Coordinator.  She is a mother to 2 beautiful daughters, ages 5 and 2 (as of 2018) and enjoys dancing hula and doing home improvement projects with her fiancé.  She and her fiancé recently converted to a low carb lifestyle, which resulted in them losing a combined 100+lbs; she said it changed their lives.  Javelin is a true Aries woman: independent, full of energy and always ready to take initiative. It's not if can, it's how can!




 Bianca - Hygienist

Bianca is a 2014 graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Dental Hygiene program, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree and was awarded the Most Outstanding Student Award.  Bianca loves spending time with her fiance, friends and loved ones and is especially fond of karaoke.  She is very excited and grateful to be able to return to Hilo to begin her career and serve the community she was born and raised in.









Shalen joined TDHC in August of 2013 after graduating from Northpoint Bible College.  She loves spending time with her family, friends and puppies.  Her interests include music, hiking and reading.  One day, she hopes to travel the world and seek adventures to check off her bucket list. 












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